Over 35 of the Best African-American Read-Aloud Biographies

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day gives us a chance to honor and remember King’s heroic work during the American Civil Rights Movement.  His dedication and efforts paved the way for countless inspiring individuals, like himself, to leave their mark on American history. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day also kicks off our month long study all… Read More Over 35 of the Best African-American Read-Aloud Biographies


Smoky Mountain Farm Stay

Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains lies one of my most favorite farms, Pioneer Cabins and Guest Farm, in Townsend, Tennessee! I initially stumbled on this location by accident while flipping through the written ads in the back of an organic gardening magazine.  I’m SO very glad I did!  We were so impressed… Read More Smoky Mountain Farm Stay

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DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my favorite!  I’m not talking about the evil, violent, make-you-have-nightmares kind of Halloween full of chainsaws and axes!  I’ll pass!  I prefer a friendlier approach as in spooky white ghosts, witches, spiders, black cats, and pumpkins. Not to forget seeing an array of your favorite characters running from house to house!  I’m not… Read More DIY Halloween Costumes

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Buttermilk Bliss

Today, buttermilk has me all fired up!  Yes, that’s right!  I’m not ashamed, I said buttermilk! Why buttermilk, you ask?! Well, it just so happens that I scored ten quart sized bottles of it for .99 cents each!!!  They are also organic, and feeding my family organic food is a top priority around here!  These bottles normally retail for… Read More Buttermilk Bliss


Who is Trisha?

As you may already know, Charlene and I are sisters. Irish twins if you want to get more specific, born 11 months apart. And something even more crazy, Charlene was born at 12:31am and I was born at 12:31pm. I know, right?!? We’ve always joked that we share the same brain due to the fact… Read More Who is Trisha?


Who is Charlene?

Salutations! Say what?!  ‘Salutations’ is just a fancy way of saying hello!  I learned this as a child in my favorite book, Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White.  It is likely pretty obvious by that book title that I love nature, farms, friends, spiders (ok…just Charlotte) and of course reading and learning!  That makes my responsibility as a homeschool parent pretty… Read More Who is Charlene?